Untethered omnidirectional walking

WalkMouse is the world's only motorized omnidirectional treadmill with a circular surface. Active ODTs has been primarily researched and used in academia and defence, but now anyone can experience natural and untethered walking in all directions inside virtual environments.



The WalkMouse can be integrated into virtually any application. Full positional head tracking can be gained through a simple UDP interface. Alternatively a joystick driver enables the operating system to view the WalkMouse as a DirectInput joystick.


WalkMouse is suitable wherever it can be beneficial or desirable to use natural walking instead of using keyboard, mouse or joystick as a mean to move in a game or visualization software.

Technical specifications

Physical dimensions, electrical specifications and parts information.

The size and accelleration capabilities of the WalkMouse enables natural interaction up to walking speed. Starting from the centre, the user is able to walk in any direction with a maximum step length of 900mm.


Additional media of the WalkMouse in action.



We welcome two new WalkMouse customers! Alesund University College (Høgskolen i Ålesund) in Norway and SMAAASH Entertainment in Mumbai, India.