Untethered walking

WalkMouse is the world's only motorized omnidirectional treadmill with a circular surface. Active ODTs has been primarily researched and used in academia and defence, but now anyone can experience natural and untethered walking in all directions inside virtual environments.

Today many types of simulation platforms depend on keyboard, mouse or joystick as a mean to interact with virtual environments, either for entertainment or for different types of training, rehabilitation or visualisation. In some cases the efficiency and effectiveness of the application can be improved with a higher level of immersion and one vital step to achieve this is to allow natural walking as the movement interface.

A WalkMouse system can be used with any simulation software, as easy as plugging in a USB cable and installing a script or a driver.

WalkMouse is constructed in sets of modular components to create a simple and easily assembled system complete with professional tracking hardware and control software. As the WalkMouse output signals can be generated through UDP or a joystick driver, integration with games and other visualisation softwares are easy.

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